7 Best Gun Cases Of 2024 USA Made And Waterproof

Reliable and secure protective cases are of utmost significance in this era where people emphasize firearm safety and responsible ownership. The market for firearms keeps expanding, and so do its related accessories. Companies are in a race to design protective gun cases to safeguard firearms, from handguns to tactical rifles.

Cedar Mill Firearms rifle cases

Are you looking for heavy-duty cases to pack rifles on the move, transport your pistol discreetly, or protect your firearms from rust and corrosion? There is always something out there in Arms Directory, the one-of-a-kind online platform for licensed firearm retailers, to fit your specific needs. Gun cases ensure proper storage and transportation of firearms, enhancing their shelf life and responsible ownership.

Many brands offer gun cases, and choosing the right one for your firearm can be difficult. These cases are made from sturdy and durable fabric. They also have innovative designs with features like high-end locking mechanisms, waterproofing, customizable foam interiors, and impact resistance.

Not sure what gun case to purchase? We have scoured the market for top protective gun case brands to secure and protect your firearm. And herein is a roundup.

Cedar Mill Firearms Pistol Case

Importance Of Using Gun Protective Cases

  • To maintain longevity: Protective gun cases help to keep firearms in a pristine state, which extends their quality, performance, and functionality over time.
  • To prevent damage from elements: Protective cases shield guns from environmental elements, dents, scratches, and other forms of physical damage that could result from transport or storage.
  • To ensure safety: Gun cases with high-end locking mechanisms can prevent unauthorized persons from accessing firearms. This can reduce the risk of misuse, accidents, and other unknown scenarios.
  • For legal compliance: Some states mandate firearm owners to use appropriate gun cases to transport their guns. This ensures adherence to gun safety regulations and laws.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gun Protective Case

Whether you want a hard or soft protective gun case, you should pay attention to the quality, design, and functionality to pick the right case for the right firearm. Below are the key factors we considered while ranking the best water-resistant gun cases made in the US:

  • The durability and the quality of the fabric.
  • The impact protection with the case.
  • How it protects from environmental elements such as duct and moisture.
  • The security features that control access are included.
  • The size and compatibility.
  • The value of the purchase vs the cost.
  • How portable and easy it is for transportation.
  • The availability of modular elements to attach accessories.

Best Protective Gun Case Brands

1. Pelican

Pelican is a brand that is synonymous with reliability and convenience when it comes to protective firearm cases. Pelican has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of reliable firearm storage solutions in the world. The company offers a diverse range of dependable gun cases for law enforcement, the military, and outdoor gun enthusiasts.

Pelican case

Their gun cases are unmistakable, thanks to their rugged construction. The company utilizes advanced materials, including a high-impact blend of polymer resins that offer excellent impact resistance. These cases are structurally designed to withstand harsh conditions, including dust, water, and knocks, which makes them ideal options to protect your guns and accessories.

Some of its popular gun cases include:

2. Plano

The Plano Molding Company has for years built its reputation by offering durable, innovative, and reliable firearm storage solutions. These are cases that meet the specific needs of gun enthusiasts, hunters, and shooting sports athletes.

Plano pistol case

Their gun cases are crafted with practicality in mind. From their thoughtful design to the utilization of impact-resistant fabrics, these protective cases are perfect options for transporting different types and sizes of firearms. 

Plano has durable gun cases, which offer exceptional protection from water and dust. The company integrates customizable foam inserts into its cases to ensure a snug fit for different types of firearms and accessories. This minimizes the risk of damage from elements and knocks during transit. Examples of Plano's dependable gun protective cases include:

3. Flambeau

Flambeau, also known as Flambeau Outdoors, is a leading manufacturer of gun cases and hunting accessories in the US. The company is renowned for crafting only the highest-quality and functional cases that cater to the needs of sportsmen, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Flambeau Long Gun Case

The company boasts of making its cases from tough, impact-resistant materials that offer excellent protection from water and dust.

Their product line features different types of gun cases, all crafted with customizable foam inserts and adaptable locking mechanisms to secure your valuable firearms. Whether it is hard-shell or soft-sided, these cases are designed to offer reliable accommodation for guns and accessories. Among others, below are the company’s popular protective cases:

4. Browning

The Browning company is a popular manufacturer of high-end guncases, hunting accessories, and other outdoor equipment. Its protective cases, in particular, are top-tier, and a go-to for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Browning Laredo Fitted Case

The brand offers a diverse range of gun cases that can secure and conveniently transport a wide range of firearms. Their design is practical, and the company utilizes sturdy fabrics to ensure these cases offer excellent protection from impact, dust, and water. 

Some of the company’s popular protective cases include:

Other Gun Cases in the USA
Cedar Mill Fine Firearms

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms is a renowned gun case manufacturer offering premium-grade, durable, and customizable firearm storage solutions. The company's product line features a diverse range of gun cases, ranging from soft-sided to hard-shell options. All come with handy protective features and security integrations to accommodate different sizes and firearm types. 

Cedar Mill Firearms Double Rifle Case

Cedar Mill Firearm case options are designed with attention to detail, and their commitment to quality shines through their business model. Their gun cases blend innovative designs, functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. 

In many quarters, the brand has been praised for its customization options that cater to the needs and preferences of individual gun niches and applications. Some of the top-notch gun cases that continue to make the company a trusted name in the industry include:


Nanuk is a Canadian-based manufacturer of premium-grade performance protective cases. Beyond its product line, the company offers customers the choice of customization of specialized cases that suit their needs. They create high-end gun cases that offer optical firearm protection.

Nanuk rifle case

Their protective cases are crafted from a robust blend of resin and polymer to withstand harsh environmental elements. Nanuk combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction to ensure practical and user-friendly gun cases. Their products feature high-quality options such as customizable foam inserts and adaptable PowerClaw latching systems for ease of handling. 

Their popular protective cases include:


Bulldog's gun cases are renowned for their durability and user-friendly features and are a go-to for hunters, sportsmen, and law enforcement officers. Its diverse selection ensures everyone gets what works for their specific needs. 

Bulldog Shotgun Case

Whether it is hard-sided or soft-sided cases, their products are made from sturdy fabrics that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The case interiors are lined with customizable foam inserts, which allows for tailored organization. For added security, all their protective cases come with fittings and adaptable locking mechanisms to restrict unauthorized access. Some of the brand's popular gun cases include:


This era has seen plenty of rifle applications, each coming with its matching case for protection and transportation. A gun enthusiast will know that proper storage is a necessity, more so in states where gun laws and regulations are stringent. As such, your focus should be to spend money only on a quality case that is perfect for your firearm.

Regardless of the type of firearm, niche, or application, you can find protective cases for your gun. They range from cheap to premium. However, one thing for sure is you would want to spend your buck on a brand that has a proven track record.


DisclaimerThis post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.