Handmade Custom Leather Gun Slings

Gun slings are one of the most important must-have add-ons that every gun owner should have. These slings make it convenient to carry firearms when going to a shooting competition, hunting, or hiking. 

Leather rifle sling

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There are different gun slings currently on the market. Some are best for long-time gun carrying while others are suitable for short-time usage. These vast options make it challenging to choose the best gun sling that can fit any shooting requirement. Therefore, handmade custom gun slings can be the perfect choice to avoid such frustrations. 

What Are Handmade Custom Leather Gun Slings?

Custom leather rifle sling

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A sling is a strap that fits on a gun and gives you a versatile way to carry your gun. This simple accessory makes gun usage easier by allowing you to go hands-free. It also increases gun stability when shooting, hence enhancing your accuracy. 

All gun slings serve the same purpose when fit on a gun. However, their functioning differs based on how they are made and used. Handmade custom leather gun slings are made to fit individual guns and shooting needs. 

These custom-made gun slings come with different features including: 

  • Color combinations
  • Length.
  • Webbing hardware
  • Sewing details 
  • Styles

With handmade custom leather gun slings, you are in control of everything they contain. This gives you the best rifle sling you can use anywhere and for extended periods. 

Why You Should Consider Getting a Handmade Custom Gun Sling? 

Having a gun sling is not an option. So, just like a pistol holster, here are three primary reasons why you should have a custom gun sling: 

Better Gun Manipulation

The main reason to have a gun rifle is to free up your hands when moving around with your gun. This allows you to use your hand for other activities and draw a gun when needed. Slings also allow you to move your gun in any direction without having to move it away from your body. This provides significant mobility and support to your weapon. 

Ease of Movement

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You can move and climb barriers with your gun attached to a supportive sling and close to your body. Gun slings also make it easy to carry heavier weapons, allowing easy movement and with less hassle. 

Enhanced Accuracy

Rifle slings with proper functional value and aesthetics can influence your shooting accuracy. That is because such slings offer adequate support to your guns, thus improving their stability and precision. 

Types Of Custom Leather Gun Slings

Single Point Slings 


Single point leather gun sling

A one-point or single-point sling attaches to one point on the gun. The sling features a loop that connects to the rear of the firearm and goes over one shoulder and under one arm. This offers a straightforward way to use a rifle when needed. 

  • Single-point slings are easy to attach and detach from the rifle with minimal effort. 
  • Slings make it easy to maneuver the gun, especially when using the weapon indoors.
  • The slings allow smooth transitioning from one shoulder to another, especially when shooting around barriers. 
  • They allow easy movement of the user without tangling up in other gear. 
  • Sligs are likely to flop around when the gun is not in use. This can lead to uncomfortable swings and weight for most shooters. 
  • These slings make it challenging to climb with firearms hanging and bouncing around. 
Two-Point Slings 
Custom leather 2 point shotgun sling

Two-point slings are the most common and have been around since the introduction of gun slings. These slings attach to two points of the firearm, mostly to the front and rear of the gun. They are also very versatile with vast tactical applications. 

  • Two-point slings offer enough amount of support and adjustment to the gun. They prevent weapon movement by keeping it close to the body.
  • The slings make it easy to climb with guns without knocking on obstacles. 
  • They come in a wide range of designs to fit different purposes. 
  • The two-point slings only offer a forward connection, which limits your maneuverability. 
  • You cannot transition from one shoulder to another without taking the sling and the rifle off your body. 

    How To Choose the Best Handmade Custom Leather Gun Sling

    Black leather gun sling

    Image Courtesy: Latigo Leather

    Getting the best custom leather gun sling is not daunting. There are hundreds of handmade leather gun slings on the market. But you can make your experience easier by applying these key factors:


    Comfort is crucial if you plan to spend more time with your gun. Heavier guns need wider slings to distribute the weight evenly. Such slings should feature large pads that can be placed over the shoulder and fit comfortably. This prevents the sling from digging deep into the skin. 

    The Design of The Sling

    Gun slings come in different shapes and sizes. Picking the right design will allow you to wear, fit, and adjust the sling easily on the gun and your body. Go for a simple design for a greater experience.

    Most slings indicate their adjustable ranges in inches. Consider choosing those that can fit even when wearing body armor. Also, go for those that you can easily attach to the sling mounting hardware. 

    Purpose Of Your Gun

    Knowing the gun's purpose will help choose the right sling. Slings for home defense guns should be easy to attach and detach. Such slings will not prioritize comfort since you are not wearing them for hours. 

    Consequently, hunting rifle slings should be lightweight, adjustable, and durable. When choosing slings for your hunting guns, you should prioritize comfort and points of attachment. 

    Adaptability To Climate and Weather Patterns

    Before ordering or taking your gun sling on outings, ask yourself if it can withstand wet or hot climates. Leather is an adaptable material. However, it can shrink or lose its glow when exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods. 


    You always get what you pay for. Be ready to spend more dollars if you want a leather gun sling with quality craftsmanship. For instance, custom rifle slings with durable leather and personalized images and statements will cost more money. On the contrary, those costing a few dollars will have low-quality craftsmanship. 

    However, you can still get quality handmade leather gun slings within your budget. Also, ensure you compare prices and quality before making any purchase. 

    How To Make a Handmade Custom Leather Gun Sling

    Making a personalized custom leather gun sling allows you to showcase your creativity and have everything you want in one sling. It is also essential to get a perfectly fitting ready-made custom sling.

    Everyone has their way of creating a handmade gun sling. However, here is a general procedure that can give you a suitable sling for any firearm: 

    What You Need
    • Vegetable-tanned leather
    • Leathercraft tools (cutting mat, utility knife, edge beveler, stitching chisels, mallet)
    • Leather dye or oil
    • Leather conditioner
    • Buckles and swivels
    • Waxed nylon thread
    • Rivets and a rivet setter
    • Ruler and pencil
    • Hole punch
    Step 1: Designing and Taking Measurements

    Start by sketching the design of your gun sling on paper, prioritizing its length and width. Allow a few extra inches for adjustability.  Also, consider all other additional features you want to incorporate, such as decorative tooling or a padded shoulder strap.

    Step 2: Cutting the Leather
    Craftsman's leather and tools for cutting leather

    Image by freepic.diller

    Place the vegetable-tanned leather on a cutting mat. Ensure the mat is on a flat and stable surface. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the dimensions of your gun sling on the leather. Carefully cut along the marked lines using a utility knife, ensuring clean and straight edges. This will be the base of your custom gun sling.

    Step 3: Adding Decorative Work

    This step is optional, although it allows you to add a personalized touch of decorative features to the sling. Use leathercraft tools like stamps or carving tools to create unique patterns or designs. Be patient and take your time to achieve the desired aesthetic.

    Step 4: Dyeing and Conditioning

    Apply a leather dye or oil to give your gun sling the desired color. Use a sponge or brush to distribute the dye evenly and allow it to dry completely. Once dry, apply a leather conditioner to nourish and protect the leather, ensuring it remains supple and resilient.

    Step 5: Punching Holes

    Use a hole punch to create evenly spaced holes along the length of the gun sling. You will use these holes for stitching and attaching hardware. Ensure you align the holes on both sides for symmetry and functionality.

    Step 6: Stitching and Riveting

    Thread a needle with waxed nylon thread and start stitching along the edges of the gun sling. Use a saddle stitch for durability, ensuring the stitches are tight and evenly spaced. Secure the ends with knots and trim any excess thread.

    You can attach buckles and swivels to the designated holes using rivets and a rivet setter. This hardware will provide adjustability and allow you to attach the gun sling to your firearm securely.

    Step 7: Final Touches

    Trim any excess leather and burnish the edges for a polished look. Apply additional leather conditioner if needed, and buff the surface to a smooth finish.

    Final Thoughts 

    Having a functional leather sling determines how conveniently you can control your weapon. Always ensure you pick a gun sling that ticks all your comfort boxes. Alternatively, you can make your custom leather gun sling at home if you cannot find the one that fits your firearms perfectly.


    DisclaimerThis post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.

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    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.

    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.