Review of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The Scope That Is Designed To Help You Hit Your Targets With Ease, Even Under Less Than Perfect Conditions

The Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope is perfect for any hunter or shooter who wants to take their skills to the next level

Where To Buy the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

You can buy the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope on their website.

The Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The excitement of opening product packaging may be a new experience for some. Many individuals are familiar with the sense of anticipation that comes with seeing that well-designed and polished packaging. The fine material and delicate color schemes help them identify the high-quality Apple conveys through its packaging. Black Hound Optics is no exception. The beautiful white box stands out from the crowd due to its sharp design and distinctiveness. On the side, the label identification is precise, detailed, and pleasant to look at.

I, like any other thrilled customer, immediately dig into the product and began unpacking the goods. On the lid, I discovered an unexpected certificate with the contents' serial number, inspector, and inspection date printed on it. The top screws and Picatinny rails are also listed by torque specs. After removing the instructions and tools, I carefully remove the scope from its wrapper. I immediately walk over to the window to look through it. I am astonished by the excellent first impression I get when viewing this magnificent piece of glass via this fantastic piece of glass.

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA -  Turrets


The Ascent Reticle is quite clear, with a crisp appearance, because it is a first focal plane scope (FFP), the reticle does not change as zoom levels vary. The scope rings and levels are also included in the package, which will be used during installation. There's also a sunshade that fits right to the front of the scope to keep the glare off your objective lens, in addition to everything else.

How to Install and Assemble the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The package delivers everything you'll need to set up your AR-15 in addition to a few other accessories. The instructions are well written, and the tools included were more than sufficient for the job. Black Hound supplied two spirit levels, two Picatinny mountings, and the Allen wrenches needed to install the scope. The scope's eye relief is 3.14" - 3.22" inches. I positioned the scope far enough away from my eye with my buttstock in its maximum extension position that I'm used to operating it with it (what I usually do when utilizing it).

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA - Unboxing Components Zoom


After I had the Picatinny scope mount installed, I tightened it to the top of the White Label Armory 16-inch whole upper. To keep the body in place, I cradled the scope in its sights and attached the top plate. I didn't tighten down the scope completely; there was still enough play so that I could use the supplied spirit levels to ensure that both were perfectly aligned with one another. I aligned the Picatinny rail using a one spirit level on the rail and adjusted the gun in the vise until it was perfectly level. Then I placed another spirit level on top of the upper turret, which gave me a nice flat starting point to measure from. I twisted the scope until both levels were correct, and then tightened it down using the suggested torque settings mentioned in the instructions.

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA - Field Test


Zeroing the scope on the range was simple, straightforward, and consistent. The oversized numbered turrets were robust yet not overly tight. They moved consistently every time and made sighting in the scope a breeze. When it comes to sighting in, many less-expensive scopes have greater difficulties. The turrets are frequently less smooth and refined, which means they catch occasionally when adjusting them. I regularly have to tap the turrets on cheaper scopes with a tiny mallet to make sure they're locked before proceeding to zero my rifle. There's no need for that with a Black Hound Genesis. Every click was correct, making zeroing in a breeze.

Technical Details of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

27.2-7.85' (@100yds)
1/4 MOA
12 MOA
70 MOA
1.6 lbs

Field Trial of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

I was eager to get to the range, so I loaded up a few hundred rounds of ammunition and departed. It took a little while to position the scope properly since it was off by my boresight. After I could confirm that I had hit the paper, it took some time to master using the turrets. I adjusted this scope setting between 4 and 14 power settings after getting used to utilizing the power levels to fine-tune it.

The Ascent Reticle will grow larger and larger as you increase the scope's power, which is advantageous for drop compensation. This ensures that your drop compensator remains correct at all power settings. Precision shooting is aided by this feature, and it worked really well on Genesis. There are also six different illumination levels available with the parallax knob on the left side of the scope, in addition, to easily adjustable turrets and a first focal plane design.

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA - Turrents


Before I went to the range, I tested out the illumination and found that it outperformed any illuminator I'd ever used. It was clear and detailed. The high-powered light wasn't too bright to be distracting, and the low-powered switch was still enough distinct to utilize in the darkest of settings. The illuminator's off switch between each level of illumination is one of its most useful features. The lowest level of illumination is number one, while the brightest is number six. I prefer to keep my off position between one and six. With a single twist, I may quickly and easily change between high and low illumination.

The parallax adjustment was also effective and consistent. You can choose from 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards, and 100 yards for the parameters. Then you may leap to 200 meters, 300 meters, and finally, 500 meters to represent any distance beyond 800 using an infinity symbol instead of a stopped watch. If you've never used a scope with a manual parallax adjust before, it might take some getting used to.

Scopes with no parallax adjustments are generally set to have a parallax match of 100 yards. This is ideal for the most part, but if you really understand how parallax works, you'll discover that there's some variation when you go out past 100 yards. This is due to the fact that the scope's lenses line up inside it.

With a manual parallax adjustment, you can reduce that error and get a more accurate sight picture. Unless the parallax adjustments are adjusted to the range you're shooting, your sight picture will be hazy when you initially utilize a manual parallax adjustment. Despite the fact that you can still use the scope when it's not set correctly when it is set to the correct distance, you will have optimum clarity. If you're unsure what distance you're aiming at, you may manually adjust the parallax until you get a clear sight picture. The best method to shoot is with your parallax set to target distance.

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA - Magnification.jpg


This was my first time shooting a White Label Armory 16-inch upper receiver in conjunction with sighting in the scope. It took a long time to break into the barrel. When the barrel had been broken in, the groups became tighter and more consistent. On the second day at the range, I was able to shoot tight clusters. By end of the day, I was consistently nailing gongs at 200 to 300 yards.

The Ascent Reticle's drop compensator was fantastic at passing the initial look and distance of 100 yards. I was astonished by how consistent and precise it was. Later that day, I installed the zero stop on the elevation turret to continue with my field test. The zero stop is simple to install and performs effectively. I adapted to the zero stop to operate effectively a few clicks below zero, contrary to what some people do. The digits on the turrets are big and clear. It's not difficult to rotate the elevation turret all the way down and reset it back a few degrees.

After removing the Allen head screw, the top turret may be removed. You should make sure that the top of the turret does not move during installation. After it's in place, replace the turret knob on top of the gun and align it with the zero vertical line on the scope body.

Advantages of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The Black Hound Scope has some of the most outstanding features I've ever seen in a scope. At $370, I haven't seen a scope with as many features as the Black Hound Genesis. Not only do you have big easy-to-adjust windage and elevation turrets, but you also get an illuminated reticle, a manual parallax adjuster, and a simple 4 to 14-power ring. These are features that are well worth the money spent on the scope.

The kit also includes everything you'll need to mount and maintain the scope, including an Allen wrench for each type of installation and adjustment. You also get a shooting cap with a lens brush and cloth, as well as Picatinny rail scope ring mounts with lenses. An optional battery removal tool is also included in the package.

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA - Rails


The scope may also be used for general viewing. It can be adjusted to suit your particular requirements with a click of the knob, there are spirit levels included to facilitate easy mounting. As if that was not enough, you have the spirit levels that make mounting a breeze and instructions that will get you up to speed on all aspects of this scope. I didn't even mention the sunshade because it aids in reducing glare when using the scope in bright light. Genesis is a firm that pays attention to details from the outset, as I could see right away when I opened the box.

The makers of this scope knew that they had to make the packaging as efficient as possible, therefore it was designed utilizing EVA foam to fit the scope and components precisely. A checklist is included in the box for your inspection, assuring you that every concern has been addressed and all intentionality has been applied to your purchase. The company's emphasis on establishing a solid foundation is also demonstrated by the detailed instructions supplied with it.

Blackhound Optics  Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA - Parallax Adjust.jpg


The Ascent Reticle is a wonderful crosshair with several extra features. It's a simple reticle, but it's effective and easy to interpret. The clarity of the glass is incredible, and it is one of the clearest scopes I own. The Ascent Reticle delivers an efficient, easy-to-understand platform for MOA-preferred shooters. It also provides you with the specific information you need to hit your target quickly and efficiently complete your task.

Important features are incorporated in the scope itself, in addition to those included with the package. The turret caps are easy to adjust with big, clear, and easy-to-read labeling on both ends and one-click each 0.25” MOA interpretation on the top of each cap. The boundaries of power are clearly defined. The Black Hound logo is present on not only the scope body but also on the Picatinny rail fasteners. The matte black finish has withstood the test of time and looks great. The lens covers, like those from Butler Creek, are excellent in terms of quality.

Disadvantages of the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

One disadvantage I discovered was with the Ascent Reticle on maximum power. On lower settings, the Ascent Reticle is clear, vivid, and simple to use. The Ascent Reticle is also chunkier on full power, but it is still easy to use. A very tiny crosshair is my preference. There was no loss of detail in the final stages of the crosshair in Genesis 4-14.

You do have wider crosshairs narrowing down into your drop and windage compensators, which are more delicate. The very center of the crosshair is as thick as the rest of the numbered lines once you pass your measurements. The Black Hound Genesis scope's clarity is good. It's significantly better than any of my Amazon scopes, and given its price point, I consider the clarity to be sufficient.

Concluding Remarks on the Black Hound Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MOA Scope

The important thing is that the Black hound is integrated into a comprehensive user experience that provides value to customers. They pay close attention to the small things. In my view, they create excellent goods. While there are several characteristics on this scope that merit respect, it's the attention to detail and dedication to their clients that stand out most. You purchase a scope based on how you intend to use it. The design behind hunting optics differs considerably from what you'll find in a precision shooting sight. The Genesis 4-14 Black Hound, which covers the period from Genesis 4 through 14, is a fantastic tutorial on how to use precision shooting optics. It's an ideal place to begin for anybody interested in sharpening their long-range skills. The 4-14 was chosen since the AR-15 platform is intermediate. I'm looking forward to seeing what else the firm has to offer.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.