A Review of the Riton X1 Tactix ARD

Riton X1 Tactix ARD is a great choice for a red dot sight on the latest AR 15 platform. It includes a built-in one-inch riser for added convenience.

The ARD is packaged in a sleek black box that is similar to their other products. The box displays the model name, serial number, and other details in an easy-to-read font on both sides. The optic is securely nestled between multiple layers of foam inside the box, ensuring that it can withstand any shipping mishaps. The sight is of high quality.

Riton X1 ARD

The quick detach is an excellent feature, and the one-inch mount helps align the optic with your eye on a platform where the top rail is similar in height to your cheek rest. The ARD is similar in size to many other red dot sights, and the illumination knob is on the right-hand side. The windage and elevation turrets are positioned towards the back, and the sight's build and quality are comparable to other Riton optics. Riton is known for producing high-quality products, so you can be assured that this sight is no exception.

The installation and setup process was easy and clear. The quick detach mount allows for easy attachment to any top rail. However, I encountered some issues with the mount during my initial attempt. It turned out that the Nyloc nut holding the mount together had come loose and seemed to be defective.

Riton Nyloc

Nyloc is a type of locking nut that has a nylon insert in its design. This ensures that once they are attached to a bolt, they cannot loosen or tighten easily without a substantial force on the nut. I spoke to a factory about this, and they sent out some new QD mounts that had the same Nyloc design. However, one of the two extra mounts had the same issue. The third QD mount had the correct Nylocs that functioned properly. You can easily find a solution for this issue by visiting a hardware or farm store that sells Nyloc nuts.

I want to acknowledge Riton for resolving the problem and sending the replacements while expressing gratitude for their lifetime warranty and commitment to service.

Riton X1 Tactix ARD illumination turrent

The Riton X1 Tactix ARD's have impressive features that are built and presented well. They offer various benefits, such as being built in a cleanroom with an EP level. Additionally, they are specifically designed to be waterproof and shockproof. You can see the evidence of their rugged construction by watching multiple videos available on YouTube.

The optic has 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustment turrets with optical features. It also has six levels of red illumination, and an on/off switch between each level. The on/off switch helps me set the optic between the two levels that I expect to use the most. Additionally, the battery has a 40,000-hour life and uses a CR2032 watch battery, which is a common size that you may already have if you use wireless garage door openers or other optics.

Riton X1 Tactix ARD Front anti-reflective coating


I just wanted to mention that Riton offers a lifetime warranty for all their products. I discovered this when I had some trouble with the quick-release locks on the mount that came with my purchase. The mount adds an extra inch in height and is designed as a 1/3 co-witness QD mount with a 23mm objective diameter and a parallax set for 50 yards, which is suitable for standard use since it's a non-magnifying optic.

The optic has a size of 63 millimeters or 2.48 inches and a weight of only 3.5 ounces. The lens is waterproof, fully coated, and has low light enhancements.

I was able to successfully test the ARD in the field after fixing an issue with the rail coming loose. I tested it on a Radical in MK1 Bullpup 12-gauge Shotgun and it worked perfectly without any problems. Overall, I'm pleased with its performance and it functioned as expected right out of the box.

Riton X1 Tactix ARD on a Radikal Shotgun

I chose this shotgun from Global Ordnance in Sarasota, Florida for two reasons. Firstly, its small and compact nature makes it suitable for a smaller optic on this platform. Secondly, I opted for the NK1 because its top Picatinny rail is parallel with the cheek rest on the buttstock. While this is typical for bullpup designs, it requires a considerable amount of rise to line up the sight with your dominant eye.

I used a one-inch rise of the ARD to reach the required one and for the optic's correct positioning. With a few tweaks, I aimed accurately and hit the target's center consistently without any movement from the optic. The quick detach feature functioned properly, enabling me to attach and detach the optic without any problems, and it remained zeroed when I reattached it.

The turrets function properly because they are adjusting windage and elevation according to the arrows. After installing the battery, the illumination is working very well. Setting 1 is dim, which suggests it may be suitable for use with night vision. Setting 6 is bright and was visible against a green background during our shooting session on a sunny summer day.

Riton X1 Tactix ARD elevation turrent

This optic has two advantages. Firstly, it's effortless to install and can be fixed on an AR-15 platform in just three seconds. It's an excellent choice for a red dot sight for your rifle. The second benefit is that the optic mount has a rise, increasing its compatibility with various platforms. It has been demonstrated to work exceptionally well on a bullpup shotgun.

The optic was originally designed for the AR-15 but can be used on different bullpup models as well. It has multiple layers of height adjustment and can be detached from the mount. This feature allows it to be compatible with shorter mounts that are used with the ARD.

If your flip-up sights are too low, they can obstruct the bottom of the sight and prevent you from co-witnessing backup sights through your optic. The quick-release feature comes in handy in such a situation. By flipping the quick detach throw lever within seconds, you can remove the optic and use the folded backup iron sights on your shotgun. This feature is easy to use and works perfectly.

Riton X1 Tactix ARD objective lense

I was disappointed that the quick-release mount on the optic failed. However, Riton did a great job by honoring their lifetime guarantee, and we found a solution that worked well. Though, it's unfortunate that the time lost cannot be regained.

I find the optic cover that comes with the sight confusing. It's hard to tell which side is the top and which is the bottom because they look the same. Despite the rubber molding, which suggests there might be a correct way to use it, I can't figure it out.

I used an optic that is designed for the AR 15 platform, but it is primarily suitable for quick deployment and close quarters. Its long-distance performance is not as good without a 3x magnifier, which I did not have, so I found it lacking for longer distances. Although it works well on a shotgun, I do not recommend it for a standard 16-inch AR 15 rifle.

Riton X1 Tactix ARD windage turrent

I recommend the Riton X1 Tactix ARD as a versatile red dot sight that can be used with different firearm configurations, such as AR builds, close-quarter battle rifles, or PDWs. While I intended to test it on a PDW, I ended up using it on a 12-gauge shotgun and was pleased with its performance. It held up well against the recoil from the shotgun rounds, suggesting it could handle any other platform with similar durability.

The 40K hour battery life ensures you can use it for years without needing to change the batteries. Its waterproof and shockproof construction make it a great choice if you intend to use it in the field or outdoors. With its quick-release feature, you can easily mount and unmount the optic from your firearm with minimal effort. As long as you have a reliable mounting system, this sight will get the job done. Lastly, its lifetime warranty is a great assurance that Riton stands behind their product 100%.

All in all, I believe that the Riton X1 Tactix ARD is an excellent red dot sight for various platforms such as AR-15s, shotguns and PDW's.
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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may receive a commission. This won't affect your purchase price.