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Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

Rifle and Pistol Cleaning Kit

Rifle and Pistol Cleaning Kit

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Gun enthusiasts know that proper cleaning and maintenance of their firearms is critical to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety.

Not only is it important to clean your guns after each use, but it's also essential to do a more thorough cleaning at least once a year.

The CableSnake Rifle Cleaning Kit Bore Snake is the perfect tool for the job. This all-in-one kit includes a cable snake for removing dirt and debris from the barrel of your rifle, as well as a bore brush, jag tips, and patches for cleaning the chamber and bolt area.

  • Our kit supplies:

    • 4 bronze brushes (.17, .22, .30, .270/.280 caliber)

    • 2 Brass slotted slips (.19, .23 caliber)

    • 2 Wool brushes (.17 .30 caliber)

    • 34 inch steel flex rod rope with 360° swivel T-handle

    • 1 brass adapter + 1 empty 5oz bottle + 1 pack of 25pcs 3”x3” patches

  • FREE SUPER-X TOOL: Our kit includes a complimentary Stainless Steel multitool to assist in minor repairs and to help scrape those hard to get places on your removable parts such as the bolt, slide, and trigger. Not only does it fit nuts from 5/16-7/16 (+9/16) and metric nuts from M1-M6 (+15mm), but it also includes; butterfly wrench, ruler, compass, protractor, bottle opener, wire stripper, cable bender, gap tool, smartphone stand, box cutter, flat-tip screwdrivers of multiple sizes, and more!
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