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Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

Tactical Ready Earplugs: Washable Corded (100 Pairs)

Tactical Ready Earplugs: Washable Corded (100 Pairs)

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Welcome to the ultimate defense against deafening decibels - our Tactical-Ready 100-Pack Earplugs! Designed with precision for Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel, these earplugs boast a formidable 27dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), providing unparalleled protection amid cacophonous chaos.

Individually wrapped for pristine hygiene and effortless portability, these earplugs are a must-have for operatives navigating high-noise environments. Whether you're engaged in intense training exercises, firing ranges, or critical tactical missions, our earplugs deliver unwavering performance, ensuring your auditory acuity remains uncompromised.

These earplugs stand firm against the harshest conditions, offering a shield of silence amidst the thunderous roar of gunfire or the clamor of urban operations. Their versatility extends beyond combat zones, making them equally valuable for civilian shooting enthusiasts, construction workers, or industrial settings.

Equip yourself with the best - our Tactical-Ready Earplugs are not just gear; they're a mission-critical necessity. Dominate noise pollution and safeguard your hearing with every insertion.

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