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Cedar Mill Fine Firearms®

Slim Double 40" Rifle Case With Wheels & Rasp Clasps

Slim Double 40" Rifle Case With Wheels & Rasp Clasps

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Our Rugged Firearm Case is the one you need for secure, dependable storage and transport. With its Cedar Mill Firearms Slim Double Rifle Case on hand there's no reason to settle with low-quality rifle cases that crack under stress or put your firearms at risk! This crush resistant case has been engineered high performing strength & durability in a carbon fiber reinforced DS3TeK polypropylene body which flexes without breaking--and it can be adjusted hundreds of different gun configurations from longer rifles/shotguns all way down

  • PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES - Our Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Slim Double Rifle Case is engineered to protect your firearms during transport. With a crush-resistant body and waterproof IP67 rating, this case will keep your firearms safe and dry in any situation.
  • ENGINEERED FOR STRENGTH & DURABILITY - Unlike cheap cases that will crack, chip, and break under stress, our case is engineered for Strength and Durability. Made to flex but not break, this keeps your valuables safe from impact by distributing the pressure over a larger area. Stainless steel clasps hold the case shut in any conditions, and will not fail!
  • SECURE & EASY TO LATCH - The Rasp Clasp system is secure and easy to latch, keeping your firearms safe and sound while you're on the go.
  • Internal size: 40"x13"x5" - The body is 3.5" deep with the lid open.
    • External dimensions: 43"x17"x7"
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